LION TotalCare®: success story continues

In 2003 the Wuppertal Fire Service, as the first fire service in Germany, decided that they would no longer use their own staff to supply the some 350 members of the professional fire service and the 550 members of the voluntary fire service and further members of the rescue service with service and protective clothing. Instead they decided to open tendering for the complex service for supply by an external service provider.


The tender involved setting up and managing clothing accounts and the operation of a clothing store together with the preparation of a catalogue. The scope of performance also encompassed the independent determination of requirements, purchasing and stocking all of the approximately 60 articles as well as their advance financing. In addition to the existing alteration tailoring service a laundering service for rescue service clothing will also be offered. 

In addition to providing the requirements for replacements some 150 people per year will also be fitted out completely with clothing. The tender was won 14 years ago by LION which already had a great deal of experience in countries abroad and which with its “All-round care-free package” has, for good reason, earned a name for itself as LION TotalCare®. 

Well-proven Service

A repeated tender for the service was once again opened as the term of the contract was nearing expiry and once again LION TotalCare® is the first choice in Wuppertal. “The scope of performance has been extended in every tender as the model has proven its economic efficiency, the special provider possesses greater specific knowledge of clothing than the fire service itself would be able to provide and, last but not least, the fire service is relieved of tasks which do not form part of their core tasks”, states municipal operations manager and fire chief, Ulrich Zander, as being the reasons for continuing the outsourcing solution. The allocation office of the city of Wuppertal is also convinced of the economic feasibility of the LION TotalCare® System. 

The product brand, LION, belongs to the LHD Group Deutschland GmbH with headquarters in Cologne. CEO Marc Hohenleitner has been active in the management of the company since 2004 and is very happy that the Wuppertal Fire Service is so satisfied with the complete service for clothing by his company. In the course of the years he himself has visited Wuppertal on numerous occasions. „In order to tailor our services to suit our customers, we must know the operational procedures of our customers exactly“, he explains as being part of the secret of the company’s success. 

In addition to the Wuppertal Fire Service, the Hamburg Fire Services and the fire service of the district of Offenbach/Main have also placed their clothing requirements in the hands of a service provider. In the case of these services, LION TotalCare® has been the service provider of their choice without interruption for several years.

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Management of the LHD Group Deutschland GmbH at the signing of the contract with the Wuppertal Fire Service. From left to right: Simon Harmuth (Head of Technical Services), Marc Hohenleitner (CEO, LHD Group Deutschland GmbH), Ulrich Zander (Municipal Operations Manager) and Daniel von Chamier (COO, LHD Group Deutschland GmbH)