Our Claim

Our Claim

Partner at your side for a powerful performance


With pride and passion it is our intention to make our product solutions the preferred choice of our customers in creating safe and comfortable workplaces throughout the world.


As a customer-oriented company with a highly professional team we develop and supply our users with innovative and high performance products.


  • Respect: Treat people the way you yourself want to be treated.
  • Openness and transparency: Open-mindedness in dealing with people, questions, and problems in an impartial way and in the communication of transparence.
  • Entrepreneurship: Make decisions as if it were your company.

Quality Assurance

A matter of great importance for us is the satisfaction of the customer.

The basic prerequisite for this is the sensibly delivered final product. And, this is exactly what our quality assurance cares about. QA involves itself in the main in ensuring compliance with specified quality specifications for our products and works constantly towards optimizing our continuous improvement processes. QA also supports our worldwide production facilities in order to ensure that the high standards demanded by our customers are adhered to at all times. It is an integral part of quality management with the aim of generating and maintaining customer confidence in the final product.

Made in Europe

The protection of our heroes in daily life is the most important.

One aspect is always at the core in the development our products: the protection, health and performance of our heroes in daily life by means of the highest possible level of safety. We work side by side with high-performance partners to achieve the best result with which to meet your requirements. And, in the future, we also wish to continue to set new standards in quality and function through further developments. Independent of the branch of industry involved and which position whatever our objective remains the same: the safety and the satisfaction of the wearer takes top priority.

Here, the trust placed in our performance in effectiveness and the reliability of our production partners in Europe form the basis of our work. Combined with our high standards in quality assurance on site, we ensure a sustainable quality

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