• LHD Group Fire and Rescue Business to join Lakeland Industries  More
  • LHD Group Fire and Rescue Business to join Lakeland Industries  More
  • LHD Group Fire and Rescue Business to join Lakeland Industries  More
  • LHD Group Fire and Rescue Business to join Lakeland Industries  More
  • LHD Group Fire and Rescue Business to join Lakeland Industries  More


The LHD brand in a new format

Following the change in location, the LHD Group Deutschland GmbH is now optimizing its portfolio. In addition to the consolidation of the various product sectors within the LHD brand, the new uniform format will also generate an optimization of process flow.

Published: 05.10.2020

Innovative protection and clothing solutions

The current LHD Group Deutschland GmbH has been providing holistic solutions for your professional and protective clothing for more than 20 years now. In this, functionality, quality and high level of wearing comfort are of foremost importance whether it is the case of uniforms and service apparel, turnout gear, protective equipment, workwear or corporate fashion. 

Care. The LHD provides more than simply the manufacture of the clothing. Individually combined service modules, from laundry through to repair and an emergency pool (formally under the designation “Total Care”) in the ‘LHD CARE’ system are now providing total service for your clothing.

Protection. Whether in the case of operations in the field or in daily working surroundings – safety is of primary importance! Your safety is insured by personal protective equipment from head to toe as well as by product and service concepts catering for your individual requirements.  

Fashion.  Innumerable innovations together with our know-how are evident in the development of our products.  Every single job creates differing requirements for the appropriate clothing. Corporate fashion is an instrument of differentiation for individual companies and, every bit as varied as for the   operational fields of corporate fashion itself, are the individual solutions required for them.

Work Hard With Style

The protective clothing for firefighters provided for many years by the LHD under the brand of ‚LION‘ is a synonym for a high level of protection while simultaneously providing special wearing comfort and is, for example, already in operation in fire services in Dortmund, Bremen, Kassel, New Zealand, Singapore or Hong Kong. In the development of our products and services the company can look back on a history of more than 120 years while always at the core of our efforts has been and is protecting the health, safety and performance of our heroes in their daily service with the highest quality.

With immediate effect, this product sector is being consolidated under the ‘LHD FIRE & RESCUE’ brand with the objective of utilizing the synergies of the group to a greater extent and harmonizing the total product portfolio. With the development of a new collection under the ‘LHD CORPORATE FASHION’ brand the sector of occupational health and safety clothing and workwear will additionally be extended. Well known customers in this sector are, for example, the ADAC, Stadtwerke Bonn and Swiss International Airlines.
To strengthen this particular product sector synergies with other companies within the group will be utilized – these will be generated , for example, through the design components of the corporation located in Switzerland and the Guido Maria Kretschmer Corporate Fashion GmbH acquired in 2017, with the work wear division of the well-known designer Guido Maria Kretschmer supplying customers such as Lufthansa, Deutsche Bahn and Maritim.

Through cooperation with Sritex, the largest textile company in South-East Asia and subsidiary of the LHD investor since 2016 major synergies can also be utilized above all in the further product sectors of the police and military.  Sritex possesses its own factories throughout the whole of the manufacturing chain including, among others, spinning mills, three weaving mills, three dye works and eight clothing manufacturing facilities, among others, for sewing activities.

The claims of the LHD extend far beyond the mere fitting out for the customer
Work Hard With Style: People who provide the highest performance day in and day out, independent of which type of work, have the right to clothing, which provides employees with optimum stimulation and brings out the best in them.

You would like to learn more? We will be pleased to assist you, personally!

Sarah Dolgi

Manager Marketing & Sales Operation

+49 2236 3307 450




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