• LHD Group Fire and Rescue Business to join Lakeland Industries  More
  • LHD Group Fire and Rescue Business to join Lakeland Industries  More
  • LHD Group Fire and Rescue Business to join Lakeland Industries  More
  • LHD Group Fire and Rescue Business to join Lakeland Industries  More
  • LHD Group Fire and Rescue Business to join Lakeland Industries  More
About us

About us

  • About us

Key Facts LHD Group Deutschland GmbH

The LHD Group Deutschland GmbH has been providing holistic solutions for your professional and protective clothing for more than 20 years now. With its headquarter in Wesseling, over 160 employees worldwide regularly develop modern equipment with innovative functionality, quality and high wearing comfort.

Company data:

  • Headquarter in Wesseling sind February 2018
  • approx. 160 employees worldwide
  • (about 80 in Germany)

8 company locations worldwide:

  • Wesseling, Germany
  • Münster, Germany
  • Aarburg, Switzerland 
  • Lyon, France
  • Hong Kong
  • Adelaide, Australia
  • Brisbane, Australia
  • Sydney, Australia

3 shops in Germany:

  • Wesseling
  • Heusenstamm
  • Wuppertal

5 storage locations:

  • Wesseling
  • Münster
  • Aarburg, Schweiz
  • Hong Kong
  • Adelaide, Australien


  • Samples and alteration tailoring for individual production of samples and repairs
  • Laundry for cleaning and inspection incl. emergency pool

Company structure

jas AG

For many years now, the name jas AG has stood for full service solutions and products in the sector of workwear. The jas AG, as part of the LHD Group, is among the leading providers of corporate fashion, workwear, uniforms and turnout gear together with personal protective equipment.

The jas AG unites all aspects under one roof - from the requirements analysis via design and product development through to logistics.


Guido Maria Kretschmer Corporate Fashion GmbH

GMK Corporate Fashion GmbH is a full-service company with many years of experience and multiple award-winning designs. From the development of corporate fashion through to the provision of prototypes and the release of the off the rack collection, production, storage logistics, and delivery, the company provides you with the complete spectrum of a modern service provider. In this the company attempts to achieve the greatest degree of economic viability without neglecting sustainability and responsibility in its actions.

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SRITEX (PT Sri Rejeki Isman Tbk) - subsidiary company of Kantaras Investments PTE Ltd - is the largest textile company in South East Asia and within the full range of the textile manufacturing chain possesses its own factories, among which are nine spinning works, three weaving mills, three dyeing works and eight facilities for completed off the rack clothing, among other things, for sewing work.

Correspondingly, the vertical depth of manufacture ranges from fiber and raw material processing and their refinement via weaving and dyeing materials through to the manufacture of finished articles of clothing. The main market for Sritex is that for the segments of the military, workwear and fashion.  

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Work Hard With Style

Fire & Rescue

Whether during operations or in the daily work environment – ​​safety comes first! Your safety is ensured with personal protective equipment from head to toe as well as product and service concepts for your individual needs."

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