Hong Kong Fire Services Department continues to place trust in LION TotalCare™

Since 2010 the LHD Group Hong Kong Ltd. has been the supplier in providing protective garments and after sales service to the Hong Kong Fire Services Department. During this period the company has not only delivered more than 13, 000 sets of LION fire protective suits but also numerous other items of protective clothing. In addition, LHD is also the sole provider for the complete laundering and care of the protective clothing within the scope of a LION TotalCare™ contract to the Department. This has now been extended for several years.


One of the largest fire services in the world is the Hong Kong Fire Services Department (HKFSD). The urban area of Hong Kong with its skyscrapers and high rise building canyons has an extremely high population density and as a result of the building structure presents a great challenge for fire service and rescue actions. “Therefore, it is clear that the HKFSD can make no compromises when it is the case of equipment.” says Daniel von Chamier (COO of the LHD Group Deutschland GmbH and Managing Director of LHD Group Hong Kong Ltd). “Through the branch of the LHD in Hong Kong we have been able to remain close to the customers in the Asian and Arabian regions.”

At the company’s location, several articles of firemen’s protective clothing are washed, impregnated, dried, inspected and, if required, repaired daily. The LHD collects the parts from the fire stations with its own vehicles and returns these within a short period of time. The local Service Delivery Team is made up of 30 employees, who are on call 365 days per year, 24 hours per day for emergencies. “We protect those who protect the people.” adds von Chamier. “And, this is quite normal when we, as service providers, have the same service times as our customer, who is there for the people at all times.”

In addition to the well-proven LION high performance protective suits, a decisive factor in favor of the LHD in the re-tendering was also the excellent service provided. Thus it can be said that the package was convincing and that the firemen in Hong Kong can look forward to a continuation of the good service from April 2017 onwards for several years and the high quality protective suits which have already proven their worth throughout the last seven years.

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Firefighters extinguishing a fire in LION protective suits