LHD proud sponsor of the “We, RoBITs”

Together with further well-known sponsors, the LHD Group Deutschland GmbH is supporting the youth development program of the Immanuel Kant School in Rüsselsheim.


With their “We, RoBITs” the Immanuel Kant School has created a concept to generate enthusiasm among the school’s own students for MINT professions and, in particular, for engineering robotics and programming. With the aid of cooperative ventures and projects with companies and scientific institutions, the choice of taking or, respectively, following university entrance diploma, the transfer to vocational training or studies in this field.

During this year’s German finals of the “World Robot Olympiad” in Passau, an international robotics competition for children and young people aged from 8 to 19, the “Error 404” team, consisting of students from the Immanuel Kant School, was placed first and correspondingly qualified for the World Finals in Thailand. In Passau, the team won in the “Football Category“, a competition category in which each team competes with two robots. These may only be compiled from Lego components, orient themselves on the field by means of sensors and attempt to maneuver the ball into the opponents’ goal. On each of the two days of the competition, the robots must first be reassembled from their original parts before they are allowed onto the playing area.

To be able to ensure participation in the world finals and the future work and research of the “We RoBITS” at the Immanuel Kant School, the LHD donated team shirts and a financial contribution and is continuing as sponsor to support the school’s project.

You can find more information on the “We RoBITS” program at:

The team ‚Error 404‘ of the Immanuel Kant School was placed first during the German finals of the World Robot Olympiad in Passau

The team ‚Error 404‘ demonstrated their skills in the football category