The LHD Group Deutschland GmbH is now a fully private company

Cologne, July 2016

For some 15 years the third-party business of the company operated under the LHD brand, a company created within the scope of the partial privatization of the clothing management of the German Armed Forces.

During this time, the company achieved a substantial growth with new customers both at home and abroad. Well-known companies such as, for example, the ADAC e.V. or Eurowings Aviation GmbH, as well as major public authorities (among others: the Fire Service in Hamburg and the Bavarian Police) purchase their workwear from the LHD together with LION brand protective clothing.

Now, the Government as shareholder has decided to separate the clothing supply for the German Armed Forces and place the so-called third-party business in the hands of a private company.

The negotiations with several interested parties were concluded on 31.05.2016 with the sale of the LHD Group Deutschland GmbH to Kantaras Investment Pte.Ltd. Kantaras, with main offices in Singapore, is a global player in the textile industry with major production capacities of its own and full-scale capacities providing clothing for many European and Asian brand labels. In 2014, Kantaras, with some 40,000 employees, generated a turnover of 1.3 million US$.

The new owner: a textile enterprise with competence – from fibers to finished articles of clothing

The subsidiary company of Kantaras, Sritex, alone is the largest textile company in South East Asia with a turnover of 589 million US$ in 2014. Sritex possesses its own factories in the whole of the textile manufacturing chain, encompassing nine spinning mills, three weaving mills, three dyeworks and eight clothing manufacturing companies including, among other things, for sewing operations.

Correspondingly, the vertical depth of manufacture ranges from fiber and raw material processing (cotton, artificial silk, polyester) and their refinement via the weaving and dyeing of materials through to the manufacture of finished articles of clothing. The main markets for Sritex are the segments of military, workwear and fashion. Sritex’s manufacturing is so modern and of such a high technological level that the company possesses unlimited permission for the manufacture of the camouflage print design with infrared emission for the uniforms of the German Armed Forces – as one of only five companies in the world.  However, not only the German Armed Forces receive uniforms or, respectively, uniform materials from Sritex, the company’s customers include 30 further armies, of which 14 are NATO partners. Added to this there is the production of workwear for many other internationally operating companies as well as government organizations, complemented by an extremely comprehensive production program in the fashion sector. Here, Sritex possesses established contacts to leading global players in the textile industry, such as H&M, Walmart and Macy’s.

The LHD Group Deutschland GmbH has thus become part of a very large and successful, solid, innovative and financially sound group of companies whose core business is the manufacture of clothing. However, not everything in this compilation is new.

Continuation of the tried and tested:  the new management comes from the company

In the case of the management, the new owners have placed emphasis on continuity and with the appointment of Marc Hohenleitner and Daniel von Chamier as managers have set a clear signal for both employees and customers. Marc Hohenleitner has been in a leading position in the company since 2004, Daniel von Chamier since 2012.

Continuity also plays a major role in the cooperation with premium partners such as Gore-Tex®, PBI®, DuPont™ and other well-known manufacturers of quality materials, who are pleased to continue cooperation with the LHD.

With the acquisition of the LHD, Kantaras has gained a great deal of know-how in regard to the most complex products in the sector of protective clothing: this includes the bundled competence of the LION Brand which will continue to operate in the future with the development, certification and manufacture of protective clothing for firefighters of the highest quality together with access to the corresponding markets in Europe and other parts of the world. “Protective clothing for firefighters will continue to be manufactured in Europe”, states CEO Marc Hohenleitner, dispelling the fears of some of the customers that the production would possibly be transferred elsewhere. “We have been producing our protective clothing for firefighters for 15 years in the same production facilities. This has nothing to do with tradition. It is simply the result of our high demands on quality which our customers have honored with their trust and long years of loyalty. That is something we will not endanger.“ asserted COO Daniel von Chamier emphasizing LHD’s promise of performance.

Visit by the LHD Group Deutschland GmbH to Sritex. Front row, left to right: Lai Fuk Sang (Shareholders‘ representative of Kantaras Investments Pte. Ltd.), Iwan K. Lukminto and Iwan S. Lukminto (Owners of Kantaras Investments Pte.Ltd.), Daniel von Chamier, Marc Hohenleitner (Management of the LHD Group Deutschland GmbH)
LION Brand of the LHD Group Deutschland GmbH for protective clothing for firemen