Hamburg’s fire service continues to place faith in the clothing and service from the LHD

Cologne, October 2016

For more than 10 years now Germany’s second largest fire service has trusted the protective clothing of the LION brand. The contract has now been extended by a further year. The parent company of the group of companies, the LHD Group Deutschland GmbH, provides the some 5,500 firemen in Hamburg with a spectrum of articles involving more than 100 articles of personal protective equipment and service apparel, from boots to helmets.

One of the special aspects is the logistic system: LION manages a personal account for every member of the fire service into which the employer pays specific amounts. The wearers of clothing can then avail themselves of this credit according to his or her needs and choose those articles which are currently required. In addition to a modern online shop, the firefighters can also visit the LION shop where all articles can be seen, tried on and taken with them.

Ready for action

An emergency pool with protective clothing also ensures that there are rapidly available reserves of clothing in the case of during or following major fires. Constant service in technical development by clothing and textile engineers ensures continuous participation in innovations and technical progress.

The fire service in Hamburg is, among other things, also as a result of their use of the service package, one of the best equipped fire services in Europe. The tender for the service package involved for an extended clothing service was preceded at that time by an economic feasibility study, the results of which indicated that a private organisation would have diverse advantages over the fire service’s own solution. This has proven true in practice.
The LHD Group Deutschland GmbH is pleased to note that the fire service has availed itself of the option of a contractual extension to the end of 2017.

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Hamburg’s fire services places its trust in the protection afforded by the LION V-Force outer clothing